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          Appraisals & Monetization Services of Commercial Production Lines and Industrial Plants Worldwide

          We have experience with complex large-scale projects, but we can also be cost-effective with smaller selective decommissioning. Unlike most investment recovery companies, we can add enhanced value to your project by carefully removing and re-selling select higher-value equipment prior to repurposing a facility, or before full demolition.

          Investment Recovery Services for Unused, Under-Performing, Surplus or End-of-Life Assets

          Our investment recovery sequence involves the identification of surplus assets, performing an evaluation of the assets identified, and then select the most effective and efficient methodolgy for monetization or disposition.

          Gibbs International has a track-record managing diverse recycling projects around the world that has expanded into large industrial and commercial undertakings. Our team can uniquely target specific needs to ensure a positive outcome to any decommissioning or demolition. No project is too small or large for us to express interest. Please contact us about your current and future projects.


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