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          Decommission and sell

          Decommission Your Facility and Sell Your Equipment 

          Call Gibbs for an understanding of our full suite of decommissioning services we can provide. We offer full services for both new and pre-owned industrial equipment, electrical components, material handling equipment, power generation assets, recycling and more. If you have a project that needs an expert in the asset recovery space, Gibbs is your go-to partner.

          We are always considering new assets for our domestic and international inventory. Please share your surplus equipment and real estate opportunities or needs with us. 


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          World Leaders in Decommissioning

          Gibbs offers complete decommissioning services around the globe. Our services range from full decom services to sale of pre-owned industrial equipment, electrical components, material handling equipment, and power generation assets, and more.

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          Experienced Industry Knowledge



          The Gibbs team consists of experienced industry professionals in domestic and international sales, manufacturing, finance and logistics. Seasoned leadership with strategic and tactical business experience ensures the ability to make the right decisions quickly.



          We conduct all business in an open, straightforward and principled manner. Our customer-centric approach aims to build and maintain long-term sustainable relationships. We are committed to the highest standards of business conduct in our relationships with eachother, with the customers we serve and with our suppliers, vendors, and business affiliates.

          Commitment to Solutions

          Commitment to Solutions

          Our mission is to provide bold and creative solutions tailored to help our customers maximize the value of their projects around the world. We believe that the harder the problem is at hand, that there is an even greater reward for those who can solve it.

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